Companhia Atlântica

National raw materials are sourced, and local artisans from across the country are employed, infusing every product with an unmistakably Portuguese essence.

In the 16th century, the Portuguese East India Company sailed the seas to sell Portuguese goods worldwide. Five centuries later, Companhia Atlântica, led by CEO Sérgio Cruz, seeks to cross oceans with products that have a unique memory and personality.

Their signature items are the creations of imaginative designers who delve into Portugal's 800-year history, examining the nation's genetic roots and merging them with multicultural experiences. They draw inspiration from traditions and cultural baggage, (re)discovering, (re)interpreting, and (re)inventing the Portuguese soul, giving it a timeless and stylish language.

Companhia Atlântica's goal is to design products with a status deeply rooted in their ancestors' DNA, yet infused with innovation, representing modern Portugal's bright future and self-confidence.

Discover their unique range of products, which include kitchen textiles like aprons, placemats, and oven gloves. Additionally, explore ceramic coasters, bottle stoppers, and shopping bags, all inspired by the intricate patterns of Portuguese tiles.