rabisco design project

Motivated by the belief that with small sustainable attitudes we can make a difference, Rabisco Design Project launched the collection of 3D Puzzles: Portuguese Icons.

After years of experience working in the areas of automotive, aeronautics and product, Portuguese designer Tiago Matos founded in 2013 the Rabisco Design Project.

The company's priority is recyclable products, believing that it is possible to contribute to changes in our market and improve consumers knowledge about the impact of their purchasing decisions.

That's why 3D Puzzles Portuguese Icons® only uses recyclable materials in its conception, trying in this way to make a contribution to a solution of environmental problems.

All the puzzles are fully developed and produced in Portugal through a network of partners who work daily with the objective of raising to the quality of excellence the Portuguese product.

Person assembling the 3D Puzzle Portuguese Icons Granary.
3D Puzzle Portuguese Icons displayed on a coffee table with a fireplace on the background.