Sá Nogueira Azulejaria

The workshop opened in 2001 dedicated to the development, conservation and promotion of Portuguese tiles from the 16th century.

Located in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, in the small village of A-dos-Francos, Atelier Sá Nogueira is dedicated to the work and investigation of the ceramic tile inspired by the most remote Portuguese tradition.

The work developed by José
Sá Nogueira and his wife Amélia over the last two decades, has contributed to the dissemination of the tile as an object of memory and identity of Portuguese culture.

Here, surrounded by the green of the trees, and the blue of the sky, creativity has no limits. That's why, besides the important work of recovery and restoration, José and Amélia developed a unique collection of pieces, where the ceramic tile is the central element.

From decorative tiles and boxes to trivets and coasters, which are on sale in museum shops worldwide, all the pieces are handmade, with great care, by our artisans with their unique trait and singular creativity.