Faianças Irmãos Fino

In Porto de Mós, a small village in the center of Portugal, the Fino family has been producing traditional Portuguese ceramics for over 50 years.

Ceramics occupy an important place in Porto de Mós. It is a sector with a high economic and cultural potential and has sustained the community’s for several generations. The region is known for producing the finest ceramics for many premium home and kitchenware brands today.

That’s the case of the Fino family. Led by Sergio Fino, the artisans at Faianças Irmãos Fino expertly craft a collection of decorative and utilitarian ceramics. Hand painted, with clay tones, in the traditional Portuguese blue and white, representing geometric patterns or natural motifs, they keep alive the ancient Portuguese traditions of producing ceramics.

Wall hanging plates and lanterns, decorative butterflies, serving bowls and platters, all hand painted according to traditional techniques, and with the unique and personal touch that only handcrafted pieces can have.