Olaria Pirraça

Everything started almost 100 years ago with Master Potter Ezequiel Campainhas, that later passed his knowledge to his son, Manuel Pirraça, who keeps producing traditional pottery from Alentejo to this day.

The history of Olaria Pirraça began in 1930 with Master Potter Ezequiel Campainhas. At the time, Pottery was one of the main economic activities and source of employment in Redondo, a small village in the Alentejo region.

With the art of sculpting clay in his hands and soul, Master Potter Ezequiel, transmitted his wisdom and passion to his son Manuel Pirraça. When he was only 11 years old, he stopped studying. At that time it was usual for children to leave school and start working to help the family. His father passed him the knowledge that gives life to the clay that spins on the wheel. The soul that lives in all potters came forward and, after 8 years of experience, he became a Master Potter.

In 1991, he opens a new pottery shop with the same name 'Olaria Pirraça', producing new pieces based on a new design, but keeping the soul and all the characteristics of the traditional clay pottery from Redondo, paying homage and in memory of the teachings of his father.