2023 Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Handmade Portuguese Treasures for the Home

This holiday season, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Portuguese craftsmanship with our exclusive Christmas Gift Guide. For those who cherish handmade and hand-painted items, We Are Portugal presents a curated selection of exquisite pieces that add a touch of elegance to your home.

1- Hand Painted Portuguese Pottery Blue and White Wash Basin with Pitcher - $210

Dive into the charm of tradition with our hand-painted wash basin and pitcher set. Inspired by the ancient techniques of Alcobaça Ceramics, this piece is more than a functional duo—it's a work of art. The blue-and-white color combination, reminiscent of traditional Portuguese designs, adds elegance to your bathroom. Crafted by talented artisans in Alcobaça, this set brings a vintage rustic look to your home. Whether adorned with flower arrangements or standing alone, it's a timeless addition to your decor.

2- Hand-Painted Decorative Plates - $49 - $119 

If you are looking for the most unique decorative plates online, We Are Portugal is your place. Elevate your space with our hand-painted decorative plates, a testament to true artistic partnership with our artisans in Portugal. These unique pieces are more than plates; they're statements of creativity and craftsmanship. Hang them on the wall or display with stands on mantles, bookshelves, or entryway consoles to infuse character and beauty into your home.


3- Kitchen Canisters - $114 -119

Our Kitchen Canisters collection seamlessly blends functionality with authentic Portuguese style. Crafted with care and precision, each canister is a work of art that pays homage to Portugal's rich heritage. Beyond mere storage, these canisters become a statement piece for your culinary space. Choose from various sizes, ensuring you bring a piece of authentic Portuguese craftsmanship into your kitchen. Explore the collection now and discover the perfect blend of practicality and Portuguese charm for your kitchen.

4- Hand Painted Portuguese Tiles Decorative Ceramic Box with Lid - $64

HAND PAINTED PORTUGUESE TILES DECORATIVE CERAMIC BOX WITH LIDEmbrace the allure of Portuguese artistry with our hand-painted ceramic box. This exquisite piece seamlessly blends artistic charm with functional storage, offering a unique way to celebrate tradition. Crafted with passion and precision by local artisans in Portugal, each brushstroke reflects centuries of cultural heritage found in Portuguese ceramic tiles, known as azulejos. Inspired by Moorish and Spanish influences, these tiles resonate with the first azulejos that graced Portugal in the 16th century. Perfect for securing small treasures while adding beauty and utility to any room. 

5- Candlelight Holder - $51

HANDMADE PORTUGUESE TILES DECORATIVE LANTERN CANDLELIGHT HOLDERIlluminate your space with Candle In, a decorative lantern inspired by traditional Portuguese ceramic tiles. Handmade with bright colors and intricate patterns by designer Patricia Paes Leme, this piece creates an exceptional, sweet, and delicate composition in your home. As a modern candle holder, it's an ideal accent for any room, magically sitting on mantels, bookshelves, or coffee tables. Perfect for setting a romantic or relaxing mood, it's both functional and decorative.


6- Handmade Eco-Friendly Recycled Fabric Decorative Box - $34 - $42.50HANDMADE ECO-FRIENDLY RECYCLED FABRIC WOVEN DECORATIVE BOX WITH LID - SUNSET BUE

Organize with a touch of sustainability using our eco-friendly decorative boxes. Created by Portuguese designer Norma Silva from 100% recycled textile waste, these handmade boxes are ideal for organizing your room, bathroom, or office desk. Developed through a sustainable process that hardens the fabric, making the pieces durable and sturdy. The Sunset Blue design adds a touch of sophistication to your space while contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.


7- Ceramic Swallows - $25 - $55

Explore the "Artisanal Andorinhas" collection where Portuguese heritage meets artisan craftsmanship. Handmade and hand-painted by skilled artisans in Alcobaça, Portugal, these ceramic swallows go beyond mere decor—they're symbols of tradition, love, and loyalty. Available in various colors and sizes, each piece reflects the timeless beauty of Portuguese ceramics, offering a unique way to elevate your home decor.


8- 3D Puzzles - $29 3D PUZZLES

Make history a part of your decor with our 3D Puzzle Portuguese Icons collection. These DIY wooden jigsaws for adults offer a fun and educational experience.  Assemble unique puzzles representing Portugal's vast historical and cultural heritage and use them as decorative accents to complement any decor. Fun meets history in this unique collection that assumes itself as a new concept of products that aims to become a fun experience in the dissemination of Portuguese vast historical and cultural heritage.

9- Our Lady of Fatima Statues - $25 - $145 OUR LADY OF FATIMA STATUES

Embrace the iconic symbol of hope and love with our hand-painted statues of Our Lady of Fatima. Crafted by dedicated Portuguese artisans inspired by the 1917 apparition, these statues are available in various sizes to fit your needs. Bring the essence of devotion and craftsmanship into your home with these beautiful and spiritually significant pieces. All the statues are  made in Fatima by the same artisans that craft the Official images for the Shrine.


10-  Portuguese Barcelos Rooster - $12 - $61 PORTUGUESE ROOSTER

The legendary Portuguese Barcelos Rooster comes to life in various artistic forms in our collection. Inspired by an ancient legend and representing good luck and love, each piece is a unique addition to your home. From traditional ceramics to robust aluminum figurines, toothpick holders, nutcrackers, bottle stoppers, and more, choose the perfect representation of this iconic symbol to bring Portuguese flair and good fortune into your space.


This Christmas, celebrate the season with the gift of Portuguese artistry. Our curated collection brings you handmade and hand-painted treasures, each piece telling a unique story of tradition, craftsmanship, and love. Explore the magic of Portugal's cultural heritage with these exquisite gifts for the home.