Reed Bags Fashion: Making a Statement with Sustainable Style

In the picturesque town of Coruche, where golden plains stretch as far as the eye can see, a small family business thrives with a mission—to weave contemporaneity into tradition. Meet Nelson Escada and his wife, the artistic minds and skilled hands behind JUNCUS, a brand that breathes life into the concept of sustainable style with their 100% handmade reed bags.

A Tale of Contemporaneity and Tradition

Nestled within the heart of this family's endeavor is a motto that echoes through the generations: "Contemporaneity combined with tradition." This philosophy serves as the guiding light, leading the way as Nelson Escada and his wife embark on the artistic journey of designing and creating stunning straw purses and handbags for women.

Handmade Elegance: Crafting Reed Bags with Love and Tradition

In the heart of their creative sanctuary, Nelson and his wife meticulously design

and handcraft each reed bag, infusing them with different contemporary patterns that promise to elevate your style. These aren't just accessories; they are statements of originality, each piece contributing to a unique and fashionable look.

From Plains to Purses: A Sustainable Harvest

Venture to the plains of Coruche, where the reeds destined to become these beautiful purses are harvested by the same hands that breathe life into the creations. This is not merely a process; it's a family tradition that spans four generations—a commitment to sustainability and a celebration of the earth's gifts.

The Loom's Song: Handmade Work Completes the Tale

As the reeds are transformed into strands of woven beauty, the loom becomes the stage for the final act of creation. Every thread, every pattern, is a testament to the hands that have inherited the skill and the passion for crafting unique basket bags. The result is more than just a fashion accessory; it's a work of art that complements any outfit with its unique charm.

Embrace Sustainable Style with JUNCUS

In the world of fashion accessories, handmade bags have become a trend, and JUNCUS stands at the forefront, creating a space where sustainability meets style. The 100% handmade reed bags from this family business not only make a statement with their contemporary patterns but also carry the essence of a family tradition that respects and cherishes the earth.

As you embrace a JUNCUS reed bag, you don't just carry a fashion accessory; you carry a piece of Coruche's plains, a tale of sustainability, and the artistry of a family dedicated to weaving contemporaneity into tradition.

Explore the sustainable elegance of JUNCUS reed bags and make a statement with every step. Visit our collection and embark on a journey where fashion, tradition, and sustainability seamlessly intertwine.