Portuguese Tiles, culture and décor hand in hand

When King Manuel I introduced the country to tiles after a visit to Seville, he never imagined the impact that they would have in the Portuguese culture, art and decoration.

Azulejos, as you say in Portuguese, are a part of the everyday life in most of the country’s cities and in some of the most well-known monuments. And if a few years ago, they represented another time, era and taste, Portuguese artists all over the country are bringing back the art with a contemporary twist, allowing us to enjoy these little squares of history in different ways. 

Elevate your kitchen

The heart of your home. We use it maybe more than any other room in the house but sometimes, kitchens are boring, standard, no uniqueness, just blend.

Portuguese tiles are the perfect way of giving your kitchen a necessary boost of color and style.

Use them as a backsplash. They will give you the color and focal point you need in your kitchen, making it unique, fashionable and contemporary with just the right amount of history and tradition. They are easy to clean, never go out of style and will last you forever. 

Give a little je ne sais quoi to your garden

Now that warm weather is here, it’s the time to enjoy your backyard, garden or terrace.

These places represent family and friends ‘reunion and the arrival of the so awaited warm weather. Unfortunately, usually they tend to be very boring. You can use Portuguese tiles to make what truly can be a work of art. Get that white wall some color and personality and make your get togethers much brighter. You’ll see that all your friends will say how much they love it. Just make sure that they buy different ones from yours! 

Transform your fireplace

We all want a fireplace in our house, either you live in Maine or in California. Truth is that fireplaces can look bulky, outdated and simply an eyesore.

You can strip the old tiles or bricks and give it a modern, colloquial, and bright look with the Portuguese azulejos. Trust me, your living space will give you the feeling you just moved to a new home.