Put a cork in it!

Handmade natural portuguese cork purse and wallet in a table near a flower vase and a candle.

Well, actually not one, but several! No, we are not telling you to drink wine, well… maybe a glass after a long day, for relaxing purposes.

But what we are talking about is cork made purses, bags and wallets.
Yes, cork! The global leading sustainable raw material is now a favorite of designers everywhere.

How many times did you get your belongings wet because of those unexpected rain showers that surprise us? Well, if you own a cork made purse that would not happen. Yes! It is water resistant. All your possessions will be safe.

Oh and bacteria? Yeah we have that covered too. Cork is anti-microbial and its antistatic surface limits the chance of dust and toxin absorption. So, if you suffer from allergies, these accessories are perfect for you.

And, as little to no impact on environment. Cork is rapidly renewable, recyclable and sustainable.Also, since cork is given to us by nature, no piece is the same. Therefore, you have a clean, waterproof, safe, conscious and unique piece.

Are you still there? Yeah I know you are not. You are buying that purse, right? So am I!

Natural portuguese cork coin wallet on a table near an espresso cup.