In every Catholic household in every country, the First Communion Day is one the most important dates in a child’s life.  This ceramic figurine, handmade with sustainable materials, is the sweetest way of live up to that date and it’s a tangible way of honoring faith, being a meaningful reminder of not only a day so joyful but also of your presence in it.
First Communion Praying Girl figure is the perfect gift for your loved one celebrating their first communion and will make a sweet keepsake, that will look great displayed on a shelf or desk, next to a framed picture of the big day.
It’s the ideal present for a child that it’s embarking in a new path, since it is a delicate and timeless piece that will be around for many years and can even be passed on from generation to generation.
Portuguese artist Mané Pupo hand carves the original of each Rosa Malva sculptures, promoting love and affections through tender ceramic sculptures. Our pieces are packed with care in a beautiful gift box to celebrate Joy and Love with those who receive it.
Portuguese contemporary ceramic figurines produced according to traditional techniques

Handmade Portuguese Ceramic First Communion Praying Girl Figurine | Faith Keepsake


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Product Description

Embrace the profound significance of First Communion Day with our Handmade Portuguese Ceramic First Communion Praying Girl Figurine. In every Catholic household, this sacred milestone holds immense importance in a child's life.

Crafted with care from sustainable materials, this ceramic figurine becomes a sweet and tangible way to honor faith, serving as a heartfelt reminder of the joyous occasion and the presence of loved ones.

The First Communion Praying Girl figure is the perfect gift for your cherished one celebrating this spiritual journey. It transforms into a cherished keepsake, beautifully displayed on a shelf or desk, complementing a framed picture of the momentous day.

As a delicate and timeless piece, it becomes an ideal present for a child embarking on a new path of faith. Its enduring beauty will span generations, passing on the essence of love and devotion.

Portuguese artist Mané Pupo passionately hand carves each Rosa Malva sculpture, imparting affection and emotion into the tender ceramic artistry. Our pieces are thoughtfully packed in a beautiful gift box, celebrating joy and love with those who receive it.

Cherish the faith and create lasting memories with our Handmade Portuguese Ceramic First Communion Praying Girl Figurine. Commemorate this sacred day with a timeless symbol of devotion, love, and the beginning of a spiritual journey.


  • Portuguese contemporary collectible ceramic figurines produced using traditional techniques
  • No sketches, plans, or doodles used in the manufacturing process
  • Mané Pupo's heartfelt expressions of memories, dreams, longings, and even fears in the clay
  • Handmade and adorned with a double-sided satin ribbon and metal cross
  • Color: Pink
  • Each figurine comes in its own unique gift box
  • Measurements: 1.5" x 1.5" x 4" Inches (L x W x H)

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Using ancient ceramic techniques, portuguese artist, Mané Pupo, hand carves collectible figurines to celebrate Joy and Love with those who receive it.

No sketches, plans or doodles are used in the manufacturing process. Mané Pupo reclaims History and the stories of daily life and expresses them directly in the clay.

Mané takes it all in, into her inner universe and there she creates her reality, which is reflected in her creations.

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rosa malva

Rosa Malva is Mané Pupo, a project to be lived and to fall in love with.

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